Office in Syracuse
Coworking Office
320 sqm
Syracuse, New York
Sharecuse, 24 Harrison Associates
Design Team
Jonathan Louie, Nicole McIntosh, Bram Monson
Photography by
Caylon Hackwith
Honorable Mention, 2020 AN Best of Design Awards
Three Cubicles is a 3,200-square-foot coworking space for Sharecuse, located within the 1928 Syracuse Building in Syracuse, New York. The building owner commissioned an experimental office to serve as a prototype for the development of other rental units in the building. The project explores and expand the notion of a cubicle and its variants that alter the office workspace. The design locates three freestanding black cubicles and a kitchen island that define a series of interstitial lounge spaces. A ring of private offices, conference and service rooms surround the cubicles in the center. Altogether they promote simultaneously interactive and private work environments.

While the traditional enclosed cubicle disconnect workspaces, the new office cubicles are crafted from black mesh screens that filter the appearance of the spaces behind. From a distance the office cubicles appear monolithic as single black forms. As one approaches the screens, the surfaces shift character into layers of translucent scrim that exhibit the offices and personnel within. The cubicles act as a series of objects that occupy, frame, and define regions by inhabiting a larger room.
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