Big Will and Friends • Related Project
Big Will and Friends
Big Will and Friends
Rodger Mack Gallery, Syracuse New York
Installation Team
Gabe Boyajian, Nico Carmona
Photography by
Ioana Turcan
Big Will and Friends considers the wallpaper as an articulated surface that reduces the wall and stud structure of a shotgun house to an environment of images that are stretched taut over a frame. Resulting in a visual flattening of three dimensionally arranged planes. By connecting the physical support and printing across a continuous geometric rhythm the aim was to meld the structure with imagery. Producing a space that flattens and extends based on viewer location and time of day.

The project constructed as a frame of white PVC pipes and 3d printed joints with painted scrim stretched across the frame. Important to Big Wills’ looks are the locations of both artificial and natural light. As you know, theatre scrim is a material that perceptually turns opaque or translucent depending on the location of the light source and angle that the light is cast.

Operating between an installation, exhibition, and stage, the project has popped up in Syracuse and Eindhoven. Each time inviting friends to formally and informally perform and inhabit its’ confines. Perceptually extending or flattening the visual space of the installation.