Studio: Learning From New Glarus
Architecture Design Studio, Spring 2022
Guest Professor
Nicole McIntosh and Jonathan Louie
University of Houston, Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design
Student work
Ashel Jaimon & Luis Martinez
Faller Modellbau
‘Learning from New Glarus’ is a research and design studio that examines the way images construct our built environment, and specifically, how the cultural heritage of a place is fabricated elsewhere. As an example we will examine New Glarus and its Swiss building code, which uses photographs to support the swissification (to make something appear Swiss) process of the village. Based on our findings we are questioning and exploring ideas of “Swissness” in architecture.

Beyond New Glarus this studio reflects on a contemporary culture where the circulation of images propagates composites of architectural elements and styles. By focusing on imaging materials and building assembly, we are wondering: if the components of the Swiss chalet are separated from the architecture of its origin (ie. balconies and shutters without the building) is it still perceived as Swiss?
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