Swissness Applied at Yale
Yale Architecture Gallery, New Haven
100 sqm
On View
Jan 9 - Feb 15 2020
Exhibition Design
Jonathan Louie, Nicole McIntosh
Exhibition Team
Angela Lufkin, David Turturo, John Bryant
Graphic Design
Photography by
Esto / Michael Vahrenwald
Supported by
Consulate General of Switzerland in NY, Texas A&M University, Yale Architecture, Yale Architecture Ph.D. Dialogues, Yale MacMillan Center European Studies Council
More Information
Honoree, 2019 Interior Design Best of Year Awards, 2020 ACSA Faculty Design Award
The Swissness Applied exhibition at Yale Architecture North Gallery consists of 3 table islands that contain both documentation and original architectural explorations. Attached to the tables are 9 viewfinders filled with photographs of the swissified town and its’ photographic precedent. Each viewfinder offers glimpses into the imagery in the New Glarus collection. They include photographs from Chapter 118: Building Construction, Article II: Swiss Architectural Theme in the New Glarus building code that offers guidelines that enforce the use of typical elements of the Swiss Chalet style. The exhibition consists of 47 architectural models in total and 9 drawings.

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