Kiosk for Bürkliplatz
1400 sqm; 1075 sqm landscape
Project Team
Jonathan Louie, Nicole McIntosh
Landsape Architecture
W+S Landschaftsarchitekten AG
GS Bauphysik & Akustik
Holzbau Ingenieur
SJB Kempter Fitze AG
Pfenninger & Partner AG
ONUR Projects GmbH
Gastro und Küchenplanung
Stutz Grossküchen AG
Visualisation by
Nathan Gonzales
The Stadthausanlage as an important city square has been redesigned several times and will get a new face in the future. Due to various events and regular markets, the framed and shaded square with pavilion and kiosk is a small oasis in the everyday life of the city. With the reorganization of the infrastructure, the site will experience a necessary upgrade. The new kiosk building with annex will be carefully embedded in the complex and the outdoor seating areas can be adapted and expanded depending on the season and situation.
The orderly chaos of the tables gives the square a familiar
character and invites people to linger and meet in the
middle of Zurich. With the new building and the existing buildings, an ensemble is created that enhances the current situation along Fraumünsterstrasse, towards Lochmannstrasse. The petrol-silver metal facade reflects the surrounding
buildings and, with the playful details of the projections of the facade, creates a playful and inviting expression that strengthens the local and international character of the site.
Kiosk for Bürkliplatz