Are We There, There?! • Related Project
Are We There, There?!
Are We There, There?!
Research Team
Nicole McIntosh, Aniekan Bassey-Etuk, Brittany Flowers
Graphic Design
Burrow, Berlin
Fabrication Team
Vivian Cheng, Jose Coba, Turku Colak, Dylan Crean, Deena Darby, Andrea Dominguez, Nathan Gonzales, Andrea Herrada, Amber Hou, Jerry Yan, Michael Lin, Weiqiao Lin, Reide McClain, Alaina Marra, Bram Monson, Ian Mulich, Kyle Neumann, Birani Nyanat, Toluwalope Onabanjo, Tanvi Rao, Silvio Renz, Ethan Russel-Benoit, Irving Shen, Heather Skinner, Hanneke Van Deursen, Kamila Varela, Helna Zhen, Ziyan Zhou
Anne Marie Schindler Foundation, Consulate General of Switzerland NY, Gebr. Faller, Glarner Architekturforum, Swisslos Kulturfond Kanton Glarus, Syracuse University SoA, Texas A&M University, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Yale Architecture Gallery,
David Broda, Brian Griffin, Alaina Marra
2020 ACSA Faculty Design Award
Are we There, There?! focuses on the transformation of European immigrant towns in the United States and uses New Glarus as an example of these. These towns share the common aspiration of preserving and perpetuating the architectural charm of their cultural heritage to enhance the social and economic base of their community.The research comprises fieldwork of buildings in the village, design projections based on the ‘Article II: Swiss Architectural Theme’ guidelines of the building code, and evaluates the outcomes through representation techniques. Altogether, the project contributes to the ongoing discussion on the role of imagery and cultural appropriation in architecture and urban design planning.
Tell No Cabbage

‘Tell no Cabbage’ documents eighteen corner conditions of selected buildings in New Glarus. Each monochrome model illustrates the construction and assembly details as a result of the written and photographic references of the Swiss Chalet Style of the building code. The outcome is a ‘swissified’ façade that is in contrast with the side elevations.
John What Henri

Eighteen selected buildings in New Glarus are represented as a Husami (model type). The Husami (Hus=House Mi=Origami) is an unfolded elevation with folding instructions that you can build yourself. The ‘John what Henry’ model series aim to examine the building forms that have been added on over time.
It Has As Long As It Has

‘It has as long as it has’ is a model series in which each building form is composed of parts of Swiss themed Faller models. The models lead to alienated building forms, whose combination of known building elements form a new whole. Some of these fictitious building forms show interiors that are habitable in everyday life.