It Has As Long As It Has
Model Series
Research Team
Nicole McIntosh, Brittany Flowers
Fabrication Team
Dylan Crean, Logan Froebel, Nathan Gonzales, Andrea Herrada, Jerry Yan, Alaina Marra, Bram Monson, Kyle Neumann, Tanvi Rao, Heather Skinner, Hanneke Van Deursen, Spencer Young, Helna Zhen, Ziyan Zhou
Gebr. Faller gmbh
Alaina Marra
The fictional models and drawings, remix building elements of Swiss architecture using Swiss-themed Gebr. Faller model kits to exaggerate or reinterpret the same architectural details common to New Glarus to produce new associations, and further distill the process of Swissifying. The title of the model series, “It Has As Long As It Has,” is a Swiss idiom that does not align with the American vocabulary. Translated into English, its Swiss meaning is a popular figure of speech: “Es hät solangs hät,” which means, “It’s here until it runs out.” To us, this refers to the limited amount of kit parts of a Gebr.Faller model used to make a new model. The process of distilling the Swiss chalet into a speculative model series begins with the production of the Gebr. Faller Modellbau.
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