What You See is What You See_Installed


Wallpaper #1 & #2 are the firsts of an ongoing investigation that borrows from the famous dictum by Frank Stella, ‘What you see is what you see,’ this piece seeks to mock up the optical effects, figural relationships, and illusions found the overlap of image and material. Reshaping the room through the surfaces around us.

Wallpaper #1 piece was made for ‘Shelter’ at the A+D Museum of Los Angeles. It currently is owned by a private client.

Wallpaper #2 images an Azulejo designed by Jorge Colaço (circa 1922), and looks to produce a DNA of the project by flattening and sampling the base colors of the work. It was shown on a storefront in Abrantes, Portugal as part of the multimedia arts festival 180 Creative Camp.

Wallpaper #3, also known LA Sunrise, is a mass produced wallpaper that images a Los Angeles sunrise.  It is available for sale at the MOCA Geffen Gift Shop at the ThisXThat x MOCA Pop-Up.