2017 League Prize Exhibition: Support, New York
Architecture League of New York Young Architects Prize
On View
June - August 2017
John Bryant, Jose Coba, Hanneke van Deursen
David Sunberg / Esto
The Young Architects Prize is a prestigious award for early career architects in North America. In celebration of the winners, the Architecture League of New York hosts an annual group exhibition, culminating in our installation Viewfinders. Viewfinders offers a glimpse into the hard drive and bookshelf - of postcards, photographs, movie clips, and screenshots - that showcase the design process for three projects in our architecture office.

The installation presents three viewing apparatus alongside three models each pair illustrating the firms design ethos. Named after a part of a camera that frames a view, inside each viewing apparatus are rotating images from our project archives. We believe that building these images explores an architecture that is not static and singular but is inspired by the shifting identities of the things around it.