Shelf Life
Exhibition Design
On view
April - May 2019
150 sqm
Syracuse University
Exhibition Team
Caroline Berger, Austin Spencer, Isabella Calidonio Stechman , Haoyang Zhang
Graphic Design
Common Name
Maranie Staab
Mark Linder
Shelf Life is an exhibition, a staging, and a platform that circulates found objects as images. The shelf is first used as a base for recording graduating students shelving their objects. The performances are condensed and edited, then displayed as a large-scale projection. The projectors are then perched atop the long shelf. While the objects began as a crowd atop a shelf, over the duration of the show the projections of objects and shelf flicker and fade across a wall of windows. The exhibition design was built for Syracuse University, and it was done in collaboration with Mark Linder.
Shelving Night is a performance and a party. Over the course of the evening students were invited to team up and stage a 300 second object performance. To get a feel for Shelving Night imagine shelving stuff and an object lesson, with performers and music. In all 12 videos were captured, then mixed into a video, and later curated into an exhibition of images projected atop large windows.
Shelf Life