Seminar: Objects and Images as Assemblage
Digital Fabrication Seminar
Syracuse University, School of Architecture
Marteen Jacobs, Director Near Westside Initiative
Teaching Assistant
Sherina Zhang
Student work
Matt DiRado, Peter, Shuai Yan, Yan Liu, Peder Ulven, Jiangjiang Cao
University Grant for Experimental Coursework, Syracuse University
Derek Shin
Adam Greenberg and Derek Shin
The fabrication seminar studies images (of the American home), the construction of images (perspective), and the construction of Mini Golf courses. The result are 9 new works that examine the surface as an architectural, playscape, and artistic device.

The Mini Golf course was built in collaboration with the non-profit Near Westside Initiative on a vacant house lot in Syracuse, New York.
Seminar: Objects and Images as Assemblage • Related Project